Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore MRT

Journey information on platforms.

Estimated arrival time of trains displayed at station entrances - so that you don't miss them.

The future of Singapore's MRT

I have so much praise for Singapore MRT. If our politicians and policymakers humble themselves, they can learn so many things from them. Especially their MRT.

KL transport planners need not travel across the world and universe to do their expensive lawatan sambil belajar with their wives/mistresses. How about just paying Singapore a visit?

Almost everything has been thought of. MRT stations are all at the "correct" places. Lines integrate seemlessly. Ticketing is no hassle. Buses integrate. You can take an MRT to the airport (and not pay RM35 while doing it).

Escalators work! And boy, are they fast!

Stations are spacious and are in working order. Newer ones are beautiful.

Their trains are so long, yet they are still full. In fact they have great plans to extend the systems.

Sigh. So many things we can learn from them. (But history has shown that we never learn.)

Just read this and browse this.


Blogger pokemon master said...

LOL THE future MRT map was like that? where the downtown line?

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