Saturday, September 16, 2006

Escalator speeds

Step into a metro system in another city and you'll realize how ulu and pre-war our LRT and other rail sytems are.

Apart from ticketing, the first thing that one notices is our escalators.

Our escalators are just as slow as those at shopping centres. Probably these jokers were thinking that commuters would enjoy a breather before they board the packed like sardine cans LRTs.

In Singapore, the escalators at MRT stations are noticibly faster. Very much faster. And according to my Singaporean friends, they speed up the escalators even more during peak hours. Wow!

Meanwhile, while we struggle to climb up and down stairs at our newer-than-Singapore LRT stations, other transport systems elsewhere are continuing to invest and research better and more efficient ways to move people around. Sigh.

Meanwhile, look at what some of Singaporeans are already doing. Even bigger ~~sigh~~!!!


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