Friday, September 15, 2006

Compulsory Reading

I just had a silly thought.

I really don't have to write anything here actually. There is so much evidence available on the internet as to what a good public transport system is and how to go about making it work. So why bother writing it all over again?

As much as some people disagree about the reliability of Wikipedia, I still love it. Of course I am not going to cite it in my research papers, but it's an enjoyable read where obscure but interesting topics are explored and codified in a democratic way.

I will keep this page updated as I stumble across more interesting reads that will hopefully reach the Datuk Bandar or Rapid KL CEO or some YAB. No need for your expensive lawatan sambil belajar. I guess if these white collar big boys just leave the comforts of their BMWs, spend a little time reading this blog and others, and also reading some of the "suggested reading" listed below, we can bring our Sistem Pengangkutan Awam 20 years ahead.

What we have
Rapid KL WP
Touch 'n Go WP

What we should strive for
Rapid Transit WP
Singapore MRT WP
London Underground WP
London Buses WP
Singapore Bus Transport WP
Octopus WP
Oyster WP
EZ-Link WP

What we should consider
Road pricing WP
Singapore Area Licensing Scheme WP
Electronice Road Pricing WP
London Congestion Charge


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