Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It will never work until...

Do these people even know how to use this bus service?

Public transportation will never work until the people who actually have the power to shape and control it use and understand it.

Best nya naik bas dengan suit Hugo Boss kita ni.

Every couple of months, we have politicians and civil servants exhorting the population to use public transportation or promising us with new extensions and upgrades.

It will never work.

Eh, ini Putra Line ke? When do I disembark for Wisma MCA then?

Hell, Ong Ka Ting riding a LRT with an entourage isn't what I mean. Naming a train the Royal Train after the Agung has rode on it once does not count either. Getting the Prime Minister to launch a service - no. Having the Deputy Prime Minister promise upgrades and extensions - not enough. Having a CEO of a transport operator covering up a problem of his companies by accusing commuters of being impatient - bloody no.

All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't fix the LRT all over again.

Until these people actually taste what a stalled LRT with no airconditioning somewhere between Kampung Baru and KLCC at 6 p.m. feels like, they can't and won't do anything. Until they realize what it takes to cross a flooded Jalan Tun Perak, they don't understand us. Until they have to wait in the hot sun or soaking rain for a bus that hasn't appeared in an hour along Jalan Semantan, they haven't tasted no public transportation.

Until they leave behind their Perdanas and BMWs with the essential police outriders, will they not understand what we go through. Until they leave behind their press corps when they travel, will they not see what we actually go through.

Ke....lang... klang klang klang klang klang. Mari adik. Klang klang klang klang...

So, I exhort those in the corridors of power, those in high offices, those with huge budgets, please do something out of the ordinary (actually very ordinary), by trying the Sistem Pengangkutan Awam Lembah Kelang for yourselves one Monday morning.

We're riding the NICE bus!


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