Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Public transportation. Kuala Lumpur. Klang Valley. No?

Despite all the talk and so-called major leaps by the authorities, every resident, worker and visitor to KL would agree that we are nowhere nearer to the many masterplans that these authorities have drawn up for donkey years.

So, what gives? It's obvious that town planners and transport operators know what to do. They have their masterplans and press announcements. Obviously, the city and the authorities are either stupendously dumb, grossly corrupt or plain indifferent.

We shall use this blog to expose all the misdeeds and inaction of everyone responsible for public transport in the Klang Valley - including we commuters ourselves. It is everyone's fault that transport sucks.

I give credit to the authorities (and thei well paid consultants) for drawing up visionary plans. But we all know that things always don't come out as they should. So this blog will be used to point out the misimplementation of these ideas.

Additionally, this blog will be used to suggest ways to improve the system. I don't want to be (only) accused of being a complainer. Anyway, I bet, we users of public transport have many better ideas than these Perdana driving civil servants.

This blog is dedicated to the public transport users and pedestrians.


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