Sunday, September 17, 2006

More examples

This is Michael Bloomberg. He is the Mayor of New York City. He travels to work using the subway.

This image above, obtained from the BBC, has the caption "Michael Bloomberg took the subway to work on Friday as usual".

(thanks moz monster for the info)

Meanwhile our politicians, policymakers and transport operators are probably so disconnected and unaware of what the masses have to go through. Many probably have their secretaries check their emails. I am highly doubtful that even this blog will reach them.

There is this story, some say a legend, where in 1992 George Bush (the senior) entered a supermarket. He saw a bar code scanner in operation and was thoroughly amazed. The press had it reported.

He didn't win the 1992 presidential elections. (Although I won't say this is a cause-effect thing)


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