Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bus Stops - London

On bus stops, here's more lessons that London can give us. In fact these lessons can be learnt from just about anywhere else. But I love London, so I'll use London as an example.

Actually I'm pointing out London because Transport for London has been utilising the same corporate identity that is probably as old as the system. You know: red buses, clean signs, clear fonts that looked cool in 1956 and 2006, no Times New Roman printed on photocopied A4s.

Bus shelters

It rains a lot in Britain. It also rains a lot in Malaysia. Moreso, the sun's brighter and hotter in Malaysia. We need bus shelters. Not just bus stops. Not just a pole sticking out of the ground on a patch of grass. Bus shelters. And make sure they are lit up at night!

Bus signs

Install these signs on polls high enough for people to see from far, and to let passengers already on buses spot too.

List down routes that stop here. Yellow routes are buy tickets before you board. N-prefixes are Night Buses.

Display direction of routes passing by.

Route information

Route information should be plentily available.

Bus route maps, and not just the typical ubiquitous Rail Map. Colour coded bus maps, detailing destinations.

Spider maps provide in depth information about this! This is an example of that from Blackfriars.

A map of the vicinity and/or neighbourhood, detailing landmarks and places of interest and also point out alternative places to catch buses in the vicinity

Electronic signs to provide real time information

No explanation needed.


On busier routes, detailed timetables are not provided (because they can never be on time). But frequency information is given instead.


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