Sunday, September 17, 2006

Short term solutions to Komuter

No, I am not talking about myself. I'm talking about KTM Komuter!

Recently, KTM Komuter has been drawing lot's of flak. Very good.
On the solution to the problem of all Komuter and intercity trains sharing the same railway track, Roslan said in fact no trains would be running except for the Komuter service but the Komuter service would sometimes be delayed because of the long haul of intercity service.

The Star, August 22, 2006
You know what, the solution is damn easy. Just stop the freaking long haul express train (probably not very full, anyway, there'll be lot's of standing room) and let Komuter passengers on board! Then let the express resume (its already late) journey and have it stop at major stations.

It's not really going to directly improve punctuality, but at least it can relieve the system of some serious traffic, reducing further delays.

Anyway, is more rolling stock going to be purchased for the Komuter? What/where are the details? When? They are going to extend the services to Batu Caves and Rasa, and services are going to be spread even thinner.


Anonymous shag said...

the problem with komuter is there are only 2 tracks between the KL old station & putra.

The solution to me is to either they put in more tracks there (not sure how given the lack of space) or they stop intercity northern trains coming into KL sentral.

10:02 AM  

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