Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Report Card - Asia Jaya LRT - bus stop

This is Asia Jaya LRT station.

Actually, it is Asia Jaya LRT's bus stop. This is a pondok from the old Putraline days that has been left to disintegrate in the compound of the station. I think it is abandoned. Could someone at Rapid KL please do something about this?

This is Asia Jaya LRT station. It's a very typical LRT station. And like every typical LRT station it has a huge share of problems.

The cars you see in these photos are parked where they aren's supposed to. I won't suggest that it's illegal because I'm not sure if there are any laws that govern parking in LRT stations? With these maha-kroni companies, there is no LAW.

As you can see, these vehicles are parked in Taxi stands. Nothing wrong with it actually, because I don't really see any taxis around.

The problem is that Rapid KL has let the owners and drivers of these vehicles to park in the compound of so many LRT stations, without charging them anything. If we want to discuss Rapid KL losing money, here's an example of lost revenue.

Putting parking lots in LRT stations itself is a good thing. Provided they are properly designated and revenue is collected. In fact, I think MOST LRT stations need to have their compounds reconfigured.

With Rapid KL trying to create transport hubs and bus terminals at LRT stations, they need to seriously rethink how they allocate space for buses, taxis, car parks, waiting bays, pick-up points and disabled parking.

And look, even stray dogs have been inhabiting Asia Jaya LRT.


Anonymous celebrist said...

it is actually illegal to park at the lrt station.i used to work in that area and the mppj come around to issue summons is supposedly a designated area for people to pick up and drop off passengers,which begs the question of where passengers should park their cars if they drove to the station to take the train.all the other parking lots in that area charge high prices per hour.

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