Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leadership by Example

With all this talk of leadership by example, I strongly urge the leaders of the government and other policymakers to descend from their lofty lifestyles and step into the lives of ordinary people.

For example, politicians always urge the people to take public transport. Maybe more of us would, but it is an experience most of us would choose to avoid.

Perhaps our leaders ought to set aside one day to step into our shoes and try for themselves what it takes to travel to work by bus and train. They will see how packed the services are and how little has been invested over the years. They will observe for themselves the effects of bad and uncoordinated planning.

No, I'm not calling for a PR exercise. No need for their aides and the press to attend. I'm just asking that the people who make choices for us to understand what we go through.

If public transport isn't good enough for the politicians, why should it be good enough for the rest of us?

I urge all our leaders to attempt this. After all, this Friday is World Car Free day.


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