Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tak Bersemangat

I had too much time to spare.

I hopped on an LRT to Asia Jaya as I wanted to check out the Times Bookshop sale in Section 13 (Colgate-Palmolive), near Section 14 (Jaya Supermarket).

I waited for half an hour for 904A bus to take me to Jalan Semangat. In the meantime I prepared the mini report card of the condition of the bus stop.

Jalan Semangat ain't that far, but I have a pass, so shouldn't I utilise it as much?

After waiting for that, I gave up and started walking.

And this is the first thing I saw. Thumbs up to Petaling Jaya, bandaraya bestari.

I pass a park, and I see this:

A broken fire hydrant.

A disintegrating polistyrene Horlicks "structure". It looked like shit! GlaxoSmithKline - action please!

Then along Jalan Semangat, I encountered this. I am sending this to

And then I saw this bus stop, also along Jalan Semangat. And the kekurangan kecerdikan of Rapid KL and planners became apparent. Rapid KL is revamping bus routes in Areas 5 and 6. Very good! Long overdue.

And they have been placing bus route information at bus stops. This is unprecendented. And I give them credit for trying. But really, it is not hard enough. This is at the bus stop near Jaya Supermarket along Jalan Semangat. Can you tell me how to read this?

Compared with London's spider maps, this is so 1901. This is one of the typical A4 photocopy (although in colour!) Malaysian phenomenon. Not even a hint of "you are now here". Or which direction the bus at this stop heads! People who are familiar enough with the route won't need to read it, but the people who need it most won't know how to!

Ok, then I turn into Jalan 13/4 at Colgate-Palmolive. And see all this:

Another broken fire hydrant. I hope the Bomba will come to fix it soon.

Missing drain covers. Need I explain?

A badly paved road.



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all the more reason to demand for the return of local government election.

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