Monday, September 25, 2006

KL Boleh - Keadaan jalan raya yang dahsyat

A reader ok KL Commuter, Lex has just emailed me a bunch of photos. A hell load of photos, and a few stories. If I am not mistaken these photos have been taken over the past week or so, eversince he got hooked on this KL Commuter craze.

Yes, please send in your experiences and evidence to me at

Okay, there are so many photos, that I don't know how to start, but I'll try to make it as systematic as possible. I shall call this particular series of photos by Lex KL Boleh.

This one's about our roads: KL Boleh - Keadaan jalan raya yang dahsyat

Bus lanes are for...

Climbing to the roof at Jalan Cheng Lock

The scourge - Metrobus

They're everywhere.

With Rapid's pull out of the city, Metrobuses have now taken over the role of number one road hogger in the Bangkok Bank, Kota Raya, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Central Market area.

Bus lanes are used as parking bays for buses and taxis. Not for picking up passengers, and not for zipping though the traffic. In fact it is impossible to travel in bus lanes. Sigh.

In that case, I think we should just scrap bus lanes.

Illegal parking

This is bad...

And these are worse:

And these the worst:

This is busy Medan Pasar at lunch hour outside HSBC. Do these friggin drivers know that they are causing a massive bottleneck in the area? Obviously no.

Where are the mata?

Intercity buses

Puduraya still operates right smack in the middle of the city centre. And what a shit hole it is.

Buses line up on Jalan Pudu all the way to the Magnum building in front of the Tungshin hospital. (no photos shown).

There are also other so called "bus terminals".

In the vicinity of Pasar Seni LRT, the Post Office and the Kuala Lumpur station at Jalan Cheng Lock:

These are the Seremban buses I think.

And these, at the Sinar Kota Lebuh Pudu area. As you can see, there is NO LAW.


This is the Indonesian Embassy at Jalan Tun Razak. Taxis wait outside the embassy, double-parking and even triple-parking.

The sermon These photos show that no matter how much money is poured into the bus system, no matter how much politicians talk, no matter how much Binafikir can be consulted upon, our road system will remain shit if there is no LAW and no ORDER.

Bus drivers are too damned lazy to stop in the bus lay-by to pick up passengers. Cars and taxis park at bus lay-bys blocking buses. Taxi queues extend for blocks and in lanes.

Four lane roads effectively become two lanes when cars double park.

Motorists meanwhile don't understand what yellow boxes at crossroads and junctions are meant for.

Millions of ringgit can be used to upgrade Puduraya, build transport terminals at Plaza Rakyat and where-else, and yet buses pick up passengers in the middle of Jalan Cheng Lock.

So where are the enforcers of law and order? Where are the traffic police to clear the roads? Where is Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur to issue parking compounds, tow obstructing vehicles and clamping illegally parked ones? Where is the CVLB to ensure that out-of-town buses and non Rapid KL buses park where they are supposed to?

I will get Lex to upload this to

Thanks Lex. More to come!

Also, The Star recently wrote.


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