Monday, September 25, 2006

First Getaway with My Boy

This is something I stumbled upon while doing some "research".

Singaporeans - love them or hate them, that's not my concern.

Time to get some "perspective". And please refrain from excessively banging this girl okay:

Genesis of Mind

First Getaway with My Boy

Anyway, we reached Royal Bintang Hotel at around 2pm, after battling the traffic jam, with the uncle honking at the crazy taxis. Then we checked into our room, located at the NON-SMOKING level. We were finally smoke-free!

We blasted the air-con in our room and scooted out to jalan jalan. KL is damn warm, but Singapore is worse. Trust me.

Midvalley Megamall was our first stop. But first, we gotta figure out our way there and the hotel staff were kind enough to help. Heh heh. We're really lucky.

We walked a short distance to the KL Monorail, Bukit Bintang Station. We needed tickets to bring us to Midvalley station.

Boy: "We need to get to KL Sentral first."

Me: "Ok, we go there to change train?"

"Yeah, but I think we need to get the tickets to KL Sentral."

"HUH? Not to Midvalley?"

"No leh, the guy said go to KL Sentral first."

"Not cross the platform at the Interchange meh?"

"We not in Singapore lah dey."

alfresco and freaking hot.

Yea, we not in Singapore lah dey. We were in KL. Where transport SUCKS!!!

Big time.

try pronouncing all those.

5 stops for RM2.10 per ticket. Summore cannot cross the platform one, nabeh.

We alighted at KL Sentral, and we had to find our way to the KTM Komuter. We were told it was just across the road from the Monorail station, but no dude, we don't see no KTM Komuter!!!

Nevertheless, we braved the traffic and crossed the road. My boy loves the traffic light's green man. Unlike Singapore's flashing of the green man, it RAN. The legs could move, holy shit. Hahahahaha! Kawaii!

Anyway, we found our way after walking through this pasar malam and crossing not just one road but 3? Quite scary, because the cars just zoomed everywhere. So we actually crossed 3 ROADS instead of just crossing one platform, after reaching their so called "Interchange". I'm stunned.

I'm so thankful for Singapore's transport. At least I know I'm not paying the hefty adult price for crap transport.

We bought 2 tickets to Midvalley Station (1 stop only lor!) for RM1 each.

So much trouble just for ONE STOP to Midvalley Station. Nabeh. Malaysia, please implement the cross the platform thing. Makes things easier, ok?

They really need to put some brains into their transport facilities.

Firstly, we had to wait for 15 long minutes (!!!) just for ONE train to bring us to our destination which is just ONE STOP away (can't get over this).

Secondly, it was warm (no air-con, just industrial fans) and dark (lousy lightings), without much seats (I think they damn budget).

Thirdly, we had to run after the train because it overshot our waiting area. Yes, the fucking train was shorter than the platform. What the fuck?!


Anyway, we got to Midvalley Mega Mall and I was a little grouchy already. Wasted so much time just to get there.

I know what you're thinking. But I just wanted to humour all of you today - okay?

Laugh at them, and laugh at ourselves. :)

Laugh all you want and care, but next year is Visit Malaysia.


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