Friday, September 22, 2006

Pandu Cermat Jiwa Selamat

One of my favourite past times is to go to

In my humble opinion, it is one of the better government campaigns. I think deaths on the road is a scarier thought than dying because of tobacco.

Ok. Let me just re-clarify my position. I also drive, and I enjoy driving. Given a pretty good amount of money has been spent on roads, we have pretty ok ones. But what I am quite sore about is the belief that building more roads helps alleviate traffic congestion.

I am not anti-car. I am just pro-choice. I would like to have a variety of means of travelling around. Sometimes I like to drive around in my diesel guzzling SUV. At other times I like to scoot around on my motorbike (not!).

At other times, I wish that I could travel to work without having to worrying about the damn Kancil that cut me or the Waja that didn't let me pass in spite of me signalling.

Unfortunately, for most people, worrying about that Kancil and Waja isn't as bad as worrying about arriving to work late because a bus didn't show up. Or worrying about getting my feet wet as I cross Jalan Tun Perak.

Oh, back to the point - Pandu Cermat.

They have produced some really silly ads. Like that little boy crossing the road, and then screaming like a girl. For us supposedly sophisticated folks, we might laugh about it. But to some other people, the only way that they learn of things is by watching the television. (oh and I love the Rudy and JJ rempit drive safely spoof, tee hee hee.)

For most of people, I think the Safety information and tips part should be a very useful reminder.

Other than that, the site's pretty boring. I think you can play with some silly games.

The part that I think deserves the most amount of publicity is its Hall of Shame / Hall of Merit.

I'm not sure if JPJ and the police would do anything about the offenders, but it sure is quite fun uploading photos. It's quite bad actually, where the culture of snitching and reporting on others is being encouraged. Bah. But drivers like that deserve it.

Just a reminder, if you yourself are in the driver's seat, don't you think it is unsafe for you to take control of a camera?

Anyway, for pedestrians and public transport users especially, we encounter many obstacles in our travels. Take loads of photos of taxis blocking bus stops, buses doing silly things (think Metrobus), cars parked at pedestrian crossings and pavements and the likes.

Let's keep our roads safe. Happy travelling.


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