Monday, February 25, 2008


While the man on the street has to contend with this:

For Badawi:


I'm fed up.

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Blogger Malaysiakini said...

welcome back KLCommuter.

There are a lot of people waiting for your insights.

Cheers, mya

3:33 PM  
Blogger Hijaz Kamal said...

Hi KLcommuter. Your blog seems dead. I hope you continue it though. We need at least one blog that promotes public transport issues. Try read this thread in, maybe you can takesome content from it

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Argh! said...


I am extremely pissed off lately due to unreliable public transportion system in Malaysia, esp KL. Firstly, I am working in Damansara
and there are no other mean of public transport to get there except for RapidKl bus. Initially, i used to take 2 buses to get to my work place
and i always end up reaching late.I seriously don't understand their bus system. They have bus services to every corner of Klang Valley.
That's a good thing which we never really had before. But how reliable is it? I doubt it. Buses arriving late, packed up like
sardines in can, very rude drivers(MOST OF THEM!) and totally not safe! You should see the way they drive! Recklessly!
Fed up with that, i started taking LRT eventhough it costs double than what i used to pay for the bus. Having no option, LRT became
the prime travelling option for me. Man, i loved it! Eventhough LRT is always packed up in the morning, i didn't mind it at all.
I reach KL Sentral(i take company shuttle bus from there on) faster than before!

Now, after the tremendous increase of petrol price, everything changed! More people started to take LRT. The queues in LRT stations have doubled.
What triggered me off were two incidents that happened in just 4days time! Last Friday, i took LRT back home around 6.30pm. After Universiti
station, the LRT was moving fast when it suddenly stopped! People tumbled on each other and same happened to me. I was holding the bar and standing
a few steps away from the door. When the incident happened, i tumbled upon a lady beside me, and another lady fell on me. Luckily, we didn't
hurt ourselves. But much to our suprise, when this incident happened, the door opened halfway and closed back! Just imagine if the LRT was packed
like always where people practically stick on the door like lizards. What would have happened when the door just opens like that! I bet many people
would have fell out of the train and down under the track! We were very lucky that day! Later on, we got to know that the train stopped halfway
because another train was coming on the other side.

Just after 3days, today morning (23rd June 2008) at around 7.50am, i took LRT from Kelana Jaya. Today, the crowd in Kelana Jaya station were double
than usual. The train journey was normal until when it made a very sudden stop at Asia Jaya station. People started falling on each other. After
few minutes, without opening the doors for people to get down there, the train started moving. RapidKL staff made announcement through the radio and
apologised for the technical problem. Next was Taman Jaya station. Same thing happened again! Sudden brake and people fell on each other.
People started to get pissed off. The doors didn't open this time also. After few minutes, the train started to move and the staff apologised again.
Following up is Universiti station. Yes, you have guessed it right! IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Everyone got very, very pissed off. After few minutes waiting
inside the train, we were asked to get out of the train as it won't be in use due to the technical problem. Now, the crowd in Universiti station
has tripled! After 10minutes, I managed to get in a train and continued my journey with fear to Kl Sentral. Once i reached there, i was shocked
beyond words to see the crowd over there.

Now I am having phobia to take LRT again. So there goes one of the best public transportation we have in Kl. Totally unsafe! Two incidents in just
4days. I wonder what more is in store for us! And don't make me start on KTM! The slowest and the worst! I think I ll reach my destination by
walking rather than taking KTM which is NEVER on time. Please look back at the KTM accidents which happened this year.

I would like to plead to government. Please reduce back the petrol price. People who can't afford cars like me are also affected by this. Now,
public transport became the main transportation for all in KL. Large crowd, less public transports, freaky incidents and much more are affecting our
daily lives. Please reduce the petrol price so that people with cars can start taking their cars to work. And people like me can peacefully
travel to work everyday by public transportation. Government urged us to change lifestyle. If these kinda issues prolong, we have to change from
public transport to BICYCLE! How if all the government staffs, from PM to normal clerk take public transport instead. How is that for a CHANGE OF

P/S:- This is for RapidKL. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THOSE FREAKY INCIDENTS! we can't travel fearing for our lives everyday! Technical problems?
Two times in just 4days? NOT ACCEPTABLE! And 'thank you'. Many of us were very late to work today!

3:13 PM  
Anonymous improve public transport engine rankings said...

everyone knows that public transport in malaysia is crap. the gov is not doing enough .

1:02 PM  
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