Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Transport regulation

This is an excerpt of a letter written by Radicalhop to Malaysiakini:

I seriously urge the transport minister to make the following sweeping changes:

  1. Fire Rapid KL’s top management in charge of the Putra LRT. The Putra LRT’s constant failure means failure on their part

  2. Fine Rapid KL RM1 million for every hour the LRT is down. To be frank, RM1 million/hour is a paltry sum compared to the thousands of human resources stuck on the trains and at the stations when they are supposed to be at work contributing to the country’s economic growth.

  3. Publicly display to the commuters Putra LRT’s KPI (key performance indicators). Monthly statistics like system failures, late trains, Touch & Go breakdowns, ticketing gate malfunctions, air-conditioning jams in trains and stations would be helpful. And don’t cheat.

    We will have a good laugh at the dismal figures initially, but I’m sure Putra LRT will improve the system to save its own face from constant public embarrassment.

  4. Fire those who can’t meet these KPIs.
I like 2, 3 and 4.

Regarding 1, that's a little bit more complicated because SPNB is the company that owns the infrastructure. As far as I understand, SPNB owns the trains etc. and thus money for maintenance etc. comes through them.

I have written a little about 2 and 3 here.

But the question I would like to ask is who is KL's transport regulator? Rapid KL is an operator, with quasi regulatory powers (look at how easy it was for them to "revamp" the network"). But someone needs to regulate Rapid KL, no?

To be honest, I have a million things to say about this whole Putra LRT cock ups.

But most of it would be so obvious. And these people, Rein Westra, Ali Nor and Katherine Chew - I'm sure they are reading this blog and all the complaints on the net. But what to do? They inherited many organizations with lousy third world work ethic and culture and a demotivated workforce.

Afterall, in this age and day, what type of right thinking intelligent person would want to be a bus driver or station master?

If you think Malaysia Airlines is bad, and Idris Jala has sleepless nights, can you imagine Rapid KL?


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