Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kebodohan terlampau

Here is another perfect example of the lack of foresight, stupidity, clouded judgement and greed of policymakers and developers.

Many of you riding the Kelana Jaya Line, or what used to be called PUTRA LRT, would realize that almost noone gets in and out of Abdullah Hukum station.

Kg Haji Abdullah Hukum is actually a squarter village squeezed between Jalan Bangsar, the railway lines to Seremban and Klang, as well as the Klang River.

Only God (and the greedy policymakers) know why the LRT was alligned to stop at this squarter village and not Mid Valley, across the river.

I can only conjecture that in the 90s and late 80s, there were plans by some greedy and well-connected developer to bulldoze Abdullah Hukum Village and turn it into some development - probably ala Mid Valley itself. And so, this fella who thought he could buy Abdullah Hukum cheap and have the Federal Government subsidize access into his development would make millions.

But history has shown that this archetype businessman has failed, because there is no development in the area (apart from the flats).

Praise the Lord, that somewhere along the way, some "visionary" at IGB, DBKL or KTM decided to build a station along the KTM tracks. Well I still don't know why it took them so long to figure that out.

Credit should also be given to IGB, by providing free bus services to Bangsar LRT. There is nothing much they can do about a misplaced LRT station.

However, I would suggest that as the Mid Valley development inches closer to the Klang River, especially with the Garden Mid Valley (yes!!!!), they acquire the land (and permits) to construct a fully air conditioned passenger bridge to link Abdullah Hukum to Mid Valley.

That's a 250 metre journey, but hey, the Megamall is almost 400 metres long.

And let me advise in advance: Make sure it's airconditioned and include lot's of (fast) travelators. And how about creating more retail space? Like Singapore's CityLink mall? Or those at Orchard MRT? Not like KL Sentral's pesta ria okay?


Blogger earl-ku said...

haha, you know what, my theory when they first coined the LRT system for KL was that the Big Boss back then he put all this LRT big boss inside a room and spread across a big map of KL, then blinfold them, switch off the light

then spin the map and spin those LRT bigg boss around, then make them draw a line on the map, and voila - you got the LRT system line all lined up for KL, i think thats the best explanations ...

and bout the bridge to Mid Valley ... lets cross our fingers and hope for the best ya ...

3:24 PM  
Blogger Wing Ken said...

From the Google Map image, it seems like Abdullah Hukum Village (?) could be turned into a riverside development ala Clarke Quay and just across from MidValley.

The station could have a better use to serve an primary area than justas a secondary rail access to MV (which already has its own dedicated station). Of course, this riverside development should have a link to MV and the Gardens

I believe this plan is tabled before, but I don't hear much about it. But as any Malaysians know, this is a country where things are not done the right way.

I certainly hope that this development would realise. Then, maybe we could go to Abdullah Hukum for a drink or a good night out....... er, doesnt sound cool though..

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fully agree on kl sentral being a pesta ria. they really need to get rid of the stalls blocking the way, and also get rid of those PESKY credit card/telco people harassing commuters.


11:58 AM  

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