Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speak louder

How was your LRT / Komuter / Monorail / ERL / Bus ride to work today?

I encourage all readers to complain, rant, make suggestions and praise the system.

Leave comments in appropriate blog entries. Or complain in this entry. Or write me at klcommuter@gmail.com.


Please be specific and always give credit where it's due.

Complaining doesn't take us very far. But at least it is the beginning to a solution. The first step of problem solving is identifying the problem, no?

At any rate, the burden of fixing things falls on the service providers, not us paying customers.

Still, we are willing to help.


Anonymous Luke said...

This one is about LRT which I take every day. 1) Fix the damn aircon. Cabin temp should not be more than 28 degrees in a full car. If it is, fix it. If no money to fix, install the gerabak KTM-style ceiling fans and let people wind down the windows. Serious. 2) Post up some emergency evac procedures. There's none right now.

7:56 PM  

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